Aspiring to lead the waste-to-fuels industry using environmentally friendly, economically sustainable technology.

We offer exposure to an early mover with a near term commercial facility that has an opportunity to both define and capture market share in the waste-to-fuel industry. At our Aldersyde Demonstration Facility, we have achieved proof of concept for our technology, and our ongoing advancement to commercialization will occur in the context of an investor driven ESG boom supported by industry and government agendas to reduce the carbon intensity of fuel.

Cielo is aiming to transform most household and industrial waste, that is currently directed to landfill, into valuable fuel. Our facilities will be designed to operate without harmful emissions and we can help greatly reduce methane emissions from landfills, as well as reduce reliance on imported biofuels made from agricultural products.


to produce high-quality fuels and the elimination of waste


Comprised of the most available, inexpensive feedstock from which the potential exists to generate “tipping” fees


We are focused on reducing emissions and GHGs and continually reducing the carbon intensity of our fuels


We will target the production of low carbon, renewable and biofuels

2021 Key Events

  • Leadership Transition – New management team implemented to lead inflection point.
  • Internal Technical Expertise and Partnerships – Developed in-house technical team and expanded external technical support to include first-in-class global consulting engineering firm.
  • Ft. Saskatchewan Site Acquisition – Closed acquisition of 60-acre site and industrial building in Alberta.
  • Elbow River Marketing – Offtake agreement provides for efficient sale of diesel meeting highway specifications while preserving ability for Cielo to capitalize on spot market. 
  • Aldersyde Engineering Design – Initiation of design phase for upgrading and improving production performance at the Aldersyde Demonstration
  • Fort Saskatchewan R&D Facility – Initiation of the new 60-lph R&D facility at the Fort Saskatchewan site.

The Path Forward

2022 Milestones & Objectives

  • April 2022Phase I Commissioning of Aldersyde Demonstration Facility. Expectations are demonstration of steady-state production.
  • September 2022 – Phase II Commissioning of Aldersyde Demonstration Facility. Expectation that Aldersyde attains status as 1,000-lph commercial facility.
Fort Saskatchewan

  • April 2022 Construction to commence at Research and Development Centre at Fort Saskatchewan site, installation of 60-lph Research and Development facility.
  • August 2022 Commissioning of 60-lph Research and Development Facility at Fort Saskatchewan.
  • September 2022 – Commence testing of plastic waste at Research and Development Centre.
  • December 2022 Anticipate start of design of full scale, commercial waste-to-fuel Facility at Fort Saskatchewan.
2023 Forecast Milestones
  • Refine details –  in terms of scope, volume, cost, and timing of construction of a Full-Scale facility at Fort Saskatchewan.
  • Seek strategic relationships – with waste producers, recycling companies, and fuel customers.
  • Continuum of R&D – continue testing of multiple infeed stocks (plastics, railway ties, organics, etc.), catalysts, carrier fluid, and technologies.
  • Further enhance quality of production – through reduction of carbon intensity, and identify successive locations with proper logistics for waste and fuel distribution.
More Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns Cielo?

Cielo is a publicly traded company on the TSXV using the trading symbol CMC and also on the OTCQB using the trading symbol CWSFF. We also trade on the Frankfurt (36.F) exchange in Germany.

What information is Cielo able to provide with respect to operations updates and other timelines?

With Cielo being publicly traded on several exchanges including the TSXV, operational updates can only be given in formal news releases to ensure a fair and equitable distribution of material information to all our shareholders. This would apply to any material information, such as construction timelines, expansion plans, and any other milestones that could impact the share price. Any comments to individual shareholders or individuals interested in Cielo can only be made with information that has already been press released. Press Releases can be found on our website under News & Media.

Who owns the Demonstration Facility in Aldersyde?

Cielo owns 100% of the facility located at Aldersyde.

What type of waste products can Cielo’s facility receive and convert to renewable fuels?

The Aldersyde Demonstration Facility is currently converting wood waste into fuel.  Cielo has tested its process with several waste feedstocks.  At Cielo’s Research and Development facility the company intends to test to determine the commercial viability of all fibrous materials including organics, wood waste (sawdust, bark, recycling products, cardboard, railway ties, etc.), rubber, municipal solid waste, blue box recycling, and plastic.

What type of fuels can you produce?

Cielo can currently produce diesel and naphtha. With the addition of certain equipment, Cielo can produce Kerosene (aviation/marine fuel) through the use of Cielo’s technology.

How is this technology different from pyrolysis?

The process of pyrolysis uses high temperature, high pressure and burns the waste streams producing a toxic ash and high emissions. Cielo’s technology operates at a lower temperature and pressure and produces no harmful emissions.

Can your facility take a variety of waste products at the same time?

We are currently processing wood waste at the Aldersyde Demonstration Facility. Facility design will likely focus on single feedstocks based on availability in close proximity to a facility.

Can you convert plastics?

Cielo’s technology can convert waste plastic to fuel. Following the construction of our Research and Development facility in Fort Saskatchewan, Cielo intends to commence testing for commercial scale plastic-to-fuel processing.

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