A Window to a Greener Future

Cielo’s Waste-to-Fuel Solution is an Early Mover in a Growing Global Market

Waste management has become one of the largest, fastest growing solutions industries and Cielo’s proprietary technology cleanly converts waste materials into high-quality transportation fuels.

Benefits of Cielo’s technology:
  • The process operates at near atmospheric pressure and low temperature, generating no harmful emissions / GHGs.
  • Low-cost waste material feedstocks are widely available globally so input costs are low.
  • Opportunity exists to generate revenue as “tipping fees” as alternative recipient for waste than traditional landfill.
  • Cielo’s process reaction is significantly faster than traditional biodiesel processing.
  • A flexible and fit-to-purpose facility design aims to meet different site requirements and local feedstock availabilities.
  • Process has patent approval in USA and Canada.
  • Cielo has a developing product range, whereby the quality and range of our products increases as our facilities and the process evolve. The Research and Development (R&D) Demonstration Facility will focus on technology and operations to enhance product quality and output volume. As our facilities evolve, the expectation for products will improve in both quality and renewability.

Opportunity is in our backyard

  • In 2010, British Columbia introduced the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Act and the Renewable & Low Carbon Fuel Requirements Regulation to help reduce the province’s reliance on non-renewable fuels, lower the environmental impact of transportation fuels, and contribute to creating a new low-carbon economy. Under current B.C. regulations, fuel suppliers must ensure that they have a minimum renewable fuel content of five percent (5%) for gasoline and four percent (4%) for diesel, on a provincial annual average basis.
  • Alberta’s Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) requires that a minimum annual average of 2% bio-based diesel must be blended in diesel fuel sold by fuel suppliers.
  • Saskatchewan’s Renewable Diesel Act calls for fuel distributors to include 2% renewable diesel content in diesel fuel sold in the province on an annual average basis.
  • The Manitoba Biodiesel Mandate stipulates the province’s fuel suppliers must replace at least 2% of their on- and off-road diesel fuel available for sale with biodiesel.