Corporate Governance

Cielo’s strategic intent is to “lead the waste to fuels industry”. In order to meet this objective, Cielo intends to operate pursuant to the environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria by which socially conscious investors assess potential investments. As it concerns governance, Cielo will continuously improve its governance processes including its internal controls. The policies listed below represent the key policies implemented by Cielo.

At Cielo, we foster a culture in which our employees, contractors and stakeholders are comfortable raising concerns through their supervisor and reporting line about conduct which may be unethical or in breach of a Cielo policy or procedure. In addition, to facilitate reporting Cielo has also established a whistleblower hotline which is managed by a third party contractor to Cielo. All concerns are summarized by this provider and sent directly to a member of the Board of Directors of Cielo. Through this option, the reporter can choose to remain anonymous and provide an opportunity to Cielo to ensure that its activities are conducted in accordance to the high standards to which Cielo will hold itself.

To use the Cielo Whistle Blower Hotline call 1-(844)-487-4729 or email whistleblower@thetandemteam.com and provide code #1008955.