The Time is Now
Advanced Projects
Put Revenue in Sight

Market-ready technology, diversified project portfolio and partner expertise accelerates Cielo’s strategy to advance commercial production and revenue generation

Process Outputs
Saleable Fuels

First mover opportunity to meet road, marine & aviation demand for low carbon intensity renewable fuel that requires no further processing to be saleable   

Focused on the
Planet & Profitability

Projects address an expanding global problem with ample access to discarded US railway ties, and initial feedstock arrangement secured with major railway  

ESG Differentiators

Near net-zero fuel supports sustainable energy to mitigate carbon emissions and carbon pricing, while not impacting food sources or agricultural inputs 

How we generate value for our shareholders is as important as the value itself

Cielo has begun its project development efforts using market-ready technology and leveraging industry leaders’ expertise. Our goal is to become a leading producer of sustainable fuel while helping address the expanding global problem of wood by-product.

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Corporate Governance

The Pursuit of a Better Future Means Continuous Improvement

At Cielo, we are committed to continuously improving – that includes our governance processes and our internal controls.

Market Overview

First Mover Opportunity

Cielo has a first mover opportunity to meet demand for low carbon intensity renewable fuel that does not take food from family tables and needs no further processing to be saleable.

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