Management Team

Gregg Gegunde
Gregg Gegunde Chief Executive Officer & Chief Operating Officer

Gregg Gegunde has over 26 years of experience in the energy sector with diverse executive and technical leadership skills. Mr. Gegunde has extensive experience in production operations, asset development, asset management, process, joint ventures, environmental, and health & safety. He has recently retired as SVP of Exploitation, Production, and Delivery at Penn West Petroleum. Mr. Gegunde holds a BS in Chemical Engineering and a diploma in Mechanical Engineering.

Stephanie Li
Stephanie Li Chief Financial Officer

Stephanie Li has served as Chief Financial Officer of Cielo since May 2021. She brings more than 15 years of finance experience to her role at Cielo, with a particular specialty in high-growth and future-forward environments. Stephanie has extensive experience in leadership, strategic planning, capital raising,financial reporting, governance and risk management. Prior to joining Cielo, she served in a leadership role at Northview Apartment Real Estate Investment Trust, listed on Toronto Stock Exchange, which was acquired in 2020 for $4.9 billion.

Chris Sabat
Chris Sabat Chief Legal Officer & Corporate Secretary

Chris Sabat, as the Chief Legal Officer and Corporate Secretary, is responsible for the management of legal affairs for Cielo. Mr. Sabat has considerable experience providing innovative and effective legal advice to company leaders and executives. Following private practice with an international law firm, Mr. Sabat worked in-house providing strategic legal advice to exploration and production companies with both domestic and international operations. Mr. Sabat most recently held the position of General Counsel with a financial services firm that focused on strategic investment and tax planning services for high net-worth entrepreneurs and their families.