Aldersyde Research & Development (R&D) Facility

Aldersyde Research & Development (R&D) Facility

82022 - 466 Ave E, Aldersyde, AB

The Aldersyde R&D Facility is located 25 km (about 15.53 mi) south of Calgary and features a 2.5-acre site.

- Secured plant & land
- 2.45-acre site fully serviced with land use zoning in place
- Only 25 km south of Calgary

The Facility will be located at Aldersyde, Alberta (subject to AEP approvals), and will be a permanent feature in the Cielo strategy. It is expected to define the viability and economics associated with the conversion of numerous waste feedstocks to fuel. In the short term, the Aldersyde R&D Facility will inform the design of a full-scale facility that utilizes wood biomass as the waste feed. Immediately after, we intend to test with railway ties and organics in Q1 2023.

The Aldersyde R&D Facility will feature a scaled-down version (60-litres per hour or “lph”) of a complete process system intended to mimic a full-scale, state-of-the-art facility which we anticipate will be the basis for the design of future, full-scale commercial facilities. The images shown reflect Cielo’s existing and historical testing apparatus which are now located in our testing facility. Images of the 60-lph R&D Facility coming soon.