Research & Development (R&D) Demonstration Facility

Photo is an image of Cielo’s existing and historical testing apparatus which is now in our testing facility. Images of the 60-lph Research and Development (R&D) Demonstration Facility coming soon.

Research & Development (R&D) Demonstration Facility

8805 125 Street, Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta

Cielo has 60-acres of land and a 32,000 square foot industrial building at Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, on which we intend to build our Research and Development (R&D) Demonstration Facility, which will guide the planning and design for a full-scale waste-to-fuel facility. In addition to the 60-lph facility, the location will host a laboratory that will enable continuous testing and data generation in a timely and cost-effective manner, defining new opportunities for Cielo to develop intellectual property.

This R&D Demonstration Facility will be a permanent feature in the Cielo strategy and will facilitate defining the viability and economics associated with the conversion of numerous waste feedstocks to fuel. In the short term, the R&D Demonstration Facility will inform the design of a full-scale facility that utilizes wood biomass as the waste feed. Immediately after, we intend to test with plastics in Q4 2022, and will then commence testing with railway ties and organics.

32,000 ft²
Industrial Building
60-acre land parcel with an ~32,000 sq ft industrial building
2x 10,000 ft²
Two 10,000 sq ft warehouses with 45 ft ceilings – location for planned pilot facility and fabrication shop
12,000 ft²
Office Space