Project Development

Cielo - Our Technology, Our Projects

Cielo’s technology and exclusive operating licence will be used to build facilities that process biomass – wood by-product including discarded hardwood railway ties – to produce low-carbon intensity fuels (Bio-SynDiesel™)

Carseland Gasifier Project

Cielo is advancing a Biomass Gas To Liquids (BGTL™) facility to produce low carbon intensity, renewable Bio-SynDiesel® fuel in 2026.

By combining our patented biomass gasification technology with proven Fischer-Tropsch conversion technology, low carbon intensity renewable diesel fuel can be manufactured that exceeds current and future fuel standards in Canada and abroad.

The Carseland Gasifier Project will be constructed adjacent to the existing Rocky Mountain Clean Fuels Synthetic Fuel Facility in Carseland Alberta, located 50 km east of Calgary.

Computer Generated Carseland Gasifier Rendition

Dunmore Rail Tie to Bio-SynDiesel® Facility

Cielo is also advancing an Enhanced Biomass To Liquids (EBTL™) facility which will use Railway Ties as feedstock to produce Bio-SynDiesel®.

The EBTL™ facility will gasify used railway ties and convert the syngas into Bio-SynDiesel®. The facility will also capture Bio-CO₂ and sequester it in geologic storage. By using Railway ties which are over 90% biogenic (hardwood) and sequestering a significant volume of Bio-Carbon Dioxide, the Life Cycle Carbon Intensity of the fuel production will be near Net Zero gCO₂e/MJ.

The Dunmore Project will be located next to the CP Rail mainline in Dunmore Alberta, an ideal location for a full-scale Rail Tie to
Bio-Synthetic fuel facility.

Standard 1,000 BPD Rail Tie to Bio-SynDiesel® Facility

Aldersyde Center of Excellence

Cielo’s Aldersyde location will be a permanent feature in the Cielo strategy, representing a “Centre of Excellence“ for research and development (R&D), including the ongoing evolution of Cielo’s Thermal Catalytic Depolymerization (“TCD”) process and other technologies. This Centre of Excellence is where the science will continue to advance current and future technologies while projects are being launched.

Pending approval of Cielo’s application by AEPA, which continues to undergo review, the Aldersyde Facility is earmarked for a 2.5-acre site located approximately 25 km (~15.53 mi) south of Calgary that is fully serviced and has land use zoning in place. Cielo will continue the R&D project with the engagement of Expander’s technical expertise and look to define the viability and economics associated with the conversion of numerous by-product feedstocks to fuel.